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Súria is a village 15km far from Manresa, in direction to Solsona. Located next to the Cardener river has an important medieval heritage.

Old Town
The Poble Vell (Old Town), Súria’s historic cradle, dominates the left bank of the river Cardener from a hill with the buildings of the castle and the church at the top. Its origin dates from the end of the tenth century, although several Ibers remains have been discovered recently, proving that this place has human presence since immemorial times. Its streets offer the appearance of a small medieval town with stone walls, arches and arcades, with a great perspective on the town and the river.

The Castle of Súria
The castle is Súria’s oldest building. Originally, it was an old guard tower because of its strategic situation on the Cardener valley, halfway between Manresa and Cardona. Later, the castle was the residence of the lords or castlans who depended on Cardona’s dukes. The castle acquired its current square form during the Carlist wars on the nineteenth century, when it was rebuilt and fortified. Today, the castle has become a center of interpretation that can be visited.

A walled town
Stone and mortar were the basic materials used in the construction of the houses. During the eighteenth century there was a general restoration of the buildings, coinciding with the time that people became their owners. One of the prominent buildings of carrer (street) Major is the Casinet, demolished and rebuilt several times, and which has played different roles throughout history, such as social building or parish school.
It is also pleasant to visit the area of the Bateria, at the end of carrer de la Mura, for the perspective it offers on the center of Súria and the river Cardener.
The Poble Vell is surrounded by a medieval wall with a trapezoidal shape for the protection of its inhabitants in the medieval age. Initially, the only way to go out was the Portal de Cardona, at the top of the current carrer de Sant Sebastia. Because of its location, the Poble Vell played a very important military role during the Carlist wars, and it is still possible to see the loopholes in the wall, open for the use of the shooters.

Suria’s Medieval Fair of Crafts
The Poble Vell is the setting of Suria’s Medieval Fair of Crafts, which takes place on the second weekend in November and has become the biggest act of the local holiday calendar in recent years. The municipal hall of Cal Balaguer del Porxo, located in an old house close to Plaça (square) Major, hosts exhibitions and cultural events regularly.

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