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Saint Ignatius' School

Saint Ignatius' School was a big building built in the mid- XVII century in the adjacent lands of Santa Llúcia's chapel, which owned the jesuits. The building has a central courtyard in neoclassical style. As it was working as a school, in the ground floor there was a dining room,  a hall and other rooms, and, in the upper floor there where the rooms of the teachers, the students and more classrooms.

The building was a Secondary school property of the Jesuits until 1892, when they left the city and settled in Manresa due to the disagreements with the city council. 

Afterwards, it still worked as apublic school, School of Arts and Crafts, barraks, dog's home... Finally, the County Museum of Manresa, the Archives and, later, the Tourist Office, were settled in the building to this day.

  • Timetable:
    El claustre de l'Antic Col·legi es pot visitar en horari d'obertura del Museu Comarcal de Manresa.
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