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Anella Verda (green area) of Manresa

"Anella Verda" is the whole set of spaces around the city, that for its social, environmental, agricultural, productive and landsacape heritage, must be protected, connected and promoted.
It is conceived as a continuous free space around Manresa, suitable for leisure, educational, sports and cultural purposes, according to different features which are characteristic of it. With the capability of remaining an open and productive space and and being able to generating wealth, to maintain the functions of a natural, biological connector and external natural areas, as well as to conserve the natural heritage within it.
The proposed "Anella Verda" of Manresa was created with the aim of preserving and promoting, from a participative and active perspective, the landscape heritage, environmental and social values of  Manresa surroundings,  as another space of the city, that allows to value the open spaces surrounding our town and that allows us to grow and develop in a sustainable and balanced way.

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