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Món Sant Benet

Món Sant Benet is a unique cultural, tourist, and leisure project which was opened in November 2007. This unparalleled complex boasts a mediaeval monastery just a few metres away from an innovative international culinary research centre, all located in incomparable natural surroundings. New guided visits to the monastery, wide choice of highquality dining possibilities, as well as visits and activities offered by the Fundació Alícia (Alimentació i Ciència)... Món Sant Benet blends mediaeval art, nature, and gastronomy in order to create a mixture of leisure and culture designed to appeal to the widest possible audience, with a definite international flavour.

The monastery
First of all there is the magnificent monastery of Sant Benet de Bages, which, following thorough and impressive restoration, has been converted into a museum designed to take the visitor on an emotive journey through key points in Catalan history, whilst at the same time exploring the social evolution of Catalonia over the last millennium.
Two different itineraries are available, both of which allow visitors to discover the footprint left on this unique place by a thousand years of history, from the Middle Ages to the Modernist period. A thousand years in the history of a monastery is the interactive trip through the monastery’s different areas starts from the late 12thcentury church and goes on to the millennial crypt, where the atmosphere is suggestive of the cloister, and to the mysterious atmosphere of the cellar and the midday galleries. Visitors can immerse themselves in this journey to our historical origins and experience sensations, stimuli, and emotions that will transport them back in time. A day in the life of Ramon Casas, journey taking visitors back in time to the summer of 1924, crossing the upper cloister and where the painter Ramon Casas and his family made their summer residence.

Fundació Alícia 
The Fundació Alícia, Alimentació i Ciència, is another of Món Sant Benet’s keystones. Directed by the chef, Ferran Adrià, with the advice of the cardiologist, Valentí Fuster, Alícia is a research centre dedicated to technological innovation in cooking, using and promoting traditional local produce, as well as encouraging healthy eating for all. Guided visits to the Fundació Alícia Visitors can get to know this research centre and discover the day-to-day tasks of the professionals who work there, from creating workshops for children and young people to developing culinary applications of the most advanced technology. The visit concludes with the workshop demonstration “The Meaning of the Senses”, which tests visitors’ perceptions.

The kichen garden
The Gardens of Sant Benet is a project which allows visitors to discover the many varieties of fruit and vegetables still grown today as they were in our grandparents’ time. Visitors can explore the kitchen garden on the bank of the River Llobregat where the monks from the monastery traditionally had their smallholdings. This is a journey right to the origins of our cuisine.

Activities and services 
Món Sant Benet offers also different activities and workshops for schools, families, enterprises, etc.
Moreover, whether your visit is for business or pleasure, you can be sure that Món Sant Benet will provide everything you need: a conference and convention centre in an unbeatable location, a choice of fine dining in three different restaurants, and delightful accommodation in the fourstar Hotel Món.

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