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Historic center of Manresa

The historic center of Manresa is located where the town used to be in the medieval wall, which were extended in three periods as the city was expanding, from the twelf to the nineteenth centuries.

During the fourteenth century, Manresa experienced a great expansion, going from a small fortified village in a real city. From this period of expansion and growth, we can still find relics and monuments, most of which are located in the historic center, including the Basilica of la Seu, or the Sobrerroca tower and the network of streets and squares with centuries of history, such as the Plaça Major, Carrer del Balç, Carrer Sant MiquelCarrer d'en Botí and Plana de l'Om.

Another period of expansion in Manresa, XVI-XVIII centuries, has also left its mark in the historical city with many buildings of civil Baroque such as Manresa City Hall and the old Court, and Baroque mansions such us  Ca l'Asols or Ca Oller.

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