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Universal Manresa, the city of Saint Ignatius

Saint Ignatius de Loyola is the celebrity that has promoted most Manresa around the world. He lived in Manresa in 1522 and it was here where he met his religious vocation and where he wrote the Spiritual Exercises. 

The “ignatian” route follows different places marked by legends and symbolism; like the beautiful Sanctuary of the Cave. 
Other places marked by the memory of the founder of the Company of Jesus, also visited are: the Old School of Saint Ignatius, the Well of the Hen, the Space Manresa 1522 or the Chapel of the abduction.

Meeting Point: Manresa Tourist Office

Duration: 2 hours

We organize the tour: (+34) 93 878 40 90 

  • Address: Manresa Tourist Office (Pl. Major, 10)
  • Phone: 93 878 40 90
  • Email:
  • Timetable:
    Every Friday at 11 am
  • Price:
    Adults: €8.
    Retirees and children from 8 to 16 years old: € 7,20.
    It is free for children up to 8 years.