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Discover the universal Manresa

The Ignatian Manresa is constituted by those places that are part of the legacy of Ignatius or where he passed through when he was in the city in 1522.

It includes the sites that he Ignatius visited during his stay and the ones that were built in his memory:

- The city that welcomed and illustrated Ignatius: the places, monuments or experiences lived by Ignatius in 1522, even the ones that don't exist anymore. Most places are part of the route of the medieval Manresa, such as the Basilica of La Seu or the chapel of Sant Pau.

- The city remembers the legacy of St. Ignatius: the places, monuments or experiences that evoke the footprint of the saint and the Society of Jesus, even if they don't currently exist. Most areas are part of the baroque route in Manresa. This is the case, for example, of the sanctuary of the Cave and the Regional Museum (former College of St. Ignatius).

You can visit a total of 22 sites located throughout the city, which have been used to draw a urban route and three ways around Manresa.

Places, legends and anecdotes lived by Ignatius during his stay in Manresa.

Manresa, a city with soul!

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