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Festa de la Llum (Feast of the Light)

In Manresa, every February 21st is celebrated the Festival of Light  " La Llum" (as popularly known), which is full of values ??and recognized in 2009 as one of the 10 treasures of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Catalonia and Andorra.

Water and light are the symbols of this feast, which recalls the miracle by which, in 1345, a mysterious light came from Montserrat and got in the church of "El Carme". This fact resolved the conflict that had stopped the construction of the "Sèquia" (canal of irrigation) in Manresa.

"Festa de la Llum" is formed by a set of festivities beginning with the "Pregó" (institucional proclamation) and proclamation for the children. The Feast of the Light includes all those entities and activities who represent the backbone of the festival, such as:

-  A walk to search the light in Montserrat and the water through the "Sèquia", channel of irrigation.
- Mass at the church of "El Carme" in Manresa.
- Representation of the "Misteri de la Llum" (Mystery of the Light), a liturgical drama.
- Arrival of light and water to the monument of "La Llum"

- The "Transèquia" (a popular walking of 26 km. around the "Sèquia" channel of irrigation).

It also includes other events organized by various organizations and cultural entitis of the city related with the symbols of the festival, the medieval theme and the spirit of Manresa.

More information and activities:

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