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Lluvià House (Villa Emília)

Lluvià House or Villa Emilia is an estate property located on the outskirts of Manresa. The main building in the area is a modernist summer home designed by Ignasi Oms i Ponsa in 1896. All the surrounding area is full of vineyards and olive groves as well as forests and streams. It was ordered by the wealthy Lluvià family, with the aim to use it as a summer home but also keep the state productive during the rest of the year.

The property was sold and bought several times during the mid and late 20th century, ending up completely ruined by mismanage and abandonment. In 2012, it was finally purchased by Manresa City Council to prevent its full destruction. Between 2014 and 2015 several refurbishing initiatives took place in and out of the complex, turning it into a touristic attraction and an interpretation center for Manresa’s  Anella Verda.

Nowadays the main buildings are still under restoration but the facility is open to be visited every Sunday and festivities. On opening days, he Office of Tourism offers a free guided tour at 11am.

There are also several walking tours that connect Lluvià House with different natural and cultural places of interest.

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