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Plana de l'Om

The Plana de l’Om (Elm square), so called because of the tree that dominated the site for many years, is one of the most typical squares of Manresa.

Here can be found some buildings providing evidence of the city's Baroque past. An example is Ca l'Oller, a typical 18th-century Baroque mansion consisting of a covered central courtyard with dome and lantern. The building that today houses the headquarters of the Caixa Manresa Foundation can also be found here, with the outstanding Baroque decoration on the balcony, which bears the inscription showing the year 1673.

But in the Plana de l'Om, on the corner with Carrer del Born, the Esteve chemists' shop can also be found, a model example of an establishment decorated according to the modernist style, with stained glass windows, wood and wrought iron. Finally, there is the sculpture "A l'ombra" ("In the shade") by Ramon Oms which represents a woman sit on the bench under the elm.

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