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Passeig Pere III

The Passeig (Avenue) Pere III, along with Àngel Guimerà Street is the most important commercial area of Manresa. It has 2 km long, from the Sant Domènec Square to the Carretera de Vic.

It was built during the 19th century, part of the first extension of the city once they have overthrown the medieval walls in 1819. It was opened in 1891 and was the point where Manresa began to establish all the bourgeois homes, these wealthy people  financed the Modern Style buildings that can be found while walking through this area: El Casino, Casa Gabernet Espanyol, la Casa Lluvià, etc.

The name of Passeig Pere III was given in 1928 in honor of King Peter III "the Ceremonious" (Peter IV of Aragon).

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